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The Church as a Healing Community
Nov 2021
The tragic incident at River Valley High School on 19 July 2021, the rising suicide rate, the increased number of people struggling with depression and anxiety...

From the Synod Moderator
Rt Rev Dr Teoh Boo Cheow
Sep 2021
I once mentioned that the 47th Synod Exco would assume office immediately after the election;

Family Relationships during the Pandemic
Hsu Su Fen
Sep 2021
Since March last year, I have made walking a daily activity, to reduce the stress brought about by the culture shock of moving to a new country

From the Synod Moderator
Rt Rev Dr Teoh Boo Cheow
Jun 2021
The 47th Executive Committee is very special - it is unprecedented, and I wonder if it will be a first and a last?

Life Community: From Bottom-Up ~ Reflections upon Visits to the Churches
Rev Dr Li Hau Tiong
Jun 2021
From the end of March, together with several co-workers in the Synod, we started on our weekly visits to the member churches.

STEP 2021: Testimonies from the Youth
Gilia Seo
Jun 2021
The Synod Training and Exposure Programme (STEP) is a 3-week programme organised by the Synod Youth Council (SYC).

PCS 140th Anniversary Combined Prayer Meeting Brings Together the PCS Family
Apr 2021
The Presbyterian churches in Singapore are meeting weekly online to share their stories.

Presbyterian Counselling Associates (PCA) Signs Partnership with Haven Counselling Centre in SBC
Apr 2021
The Presbyterian Counselling Associates (PCA) are now officially partners with The Haven Counselling Centre in Singapore Bible College (SBC) serving PCS.

From the Synod Moderator: Finishing the Great Commission!
Rt Rev Keith Lai
Apr 2021
This will be my last newsletter to you before I step down as Moderator on April 26. As I consider ...

Life Community: Local and Overseas Missions Consultations
Rev Teo Yew Tiong (General Secretary of PCS)
Apr 2021
The Synod Missions Committee (SMC) has decided to organise two Missions Consultations.

Supporting in Prayer - A Prayer Meeting with the Mizo Fellowship
Apr 2021
On 1st February 2021, a coup d’état was initiated against the ruling party, the National League for Democracy.

Presbyterian Curriculum
Apr 2021
The Presbyterianism Curriculum conducted by our Presbyterian Lecturers of Trinity Theological College is now available for all PCS member churches.

PCS 140th Anniversary Combined Prayer Meetings starting April
Mar 2021
The Presbyterian Church in Singapore will be commemorating our 140th Anniversary this year, on 11 July 2021.

The Concept of "Life Community"
Rev Dr Li Hau Tiong
Mar 2021
The Presbyterian Church in Singapore was established in 1881 and will celebrate its 140th anniversary this year. In lieu with the anniversary, the Synod will be organising two mission consultations;

Synod Training and Exposure Programme (STEP) 2021
10 May to 28 May, 2021
The Synod will be resuming its seventh Synod Training and Exposure Programme (STEP) after a hiatus in 2020 in view of COVID-19 restrictions.

From the Synod Moderator: To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate?
Rt Rev Keith Lai
Mar 2021
Singapore injected its first batch of healthcare workers with the COVID-19 vaccine as 2020 drew to a close.

Ministry in Swansea with The Presbyterian Church of Wales
Rev Charles Chua
Mar 2021
In year 2000, Rev. Graham Ng from True Way Presbyterian Church was invited by The Presbyterian Church of Wales.

Overseas Missions: A Report on Sittwe Boarding House (January 2021)
Rev Ramthanga (The Presbyterian Church of Myanmar)
Mar 2021
It is a pleasure to send you a report about Sittwe Boarding House which was built by your financial support.

English Presbytery Holy Week Convention 2021
Feb 2021
This year, the English Presbytery's Holy Week Convention will happen on 31 March, 1 and 2 April. The theme for this year's convention is the Cross in Psalm 22 & 23.

illuminations Asia: Pray for Zero
Rt Rev Keith Lai
Feb 2021
As you may be aware, through illumiNations, an unprecedented alliance of ten global Bible translation agencies.

Concerning the Recent News about the Self-Radicalized Singaporean Christian
31 Jan 2021
I first heard of the dreadful news of a Protestant youth’s plans to launch a terror attack at two mosques during the briefing by officers from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

NCCS: Statement On A Self-Radicalised Singaporean Christian
Feb 2021
In light of the recent news on the arrest of a youth who planned to carry out attacks on two mosques, the NCCS published the following statement.

From the Synod Moderator: Ready for 2021
Rt Rev Keith Lai
Jan 2021
We enter the New Year with almost more of the same from 2020 - uncertainty about containing the Covid-19.

An Introduction to Mission Consultation theme: "Life Community"
Rev Teo Yew Tiong
Jan 2021
This year in 2021, we celebrate the 140th Anniversary of the Presbyterian Church in Singapore.

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