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The Boys' Brigade Share-a-Gift
Dec 2016
Watch the interview about The Boys' Brigade Share-a-Gift on Channel 8 News web site. View

The Presbyterian Church in Singapore 135th Anniversary - Combined Worship
Photos from the anniversary celebration on the 14th Aug, 2016. View

Blessing to Our Community
Rev Dr Steven Gan
Jul 2016
The late Charles Spurgeon, in reflecting on Romans 14:8, observed that if God had willed it, each of us might have entered heaven at the moment of conversion. Read more

Our 36 Churches
Jul 2016
Read more

Our Community Services
Jul 2016
Read more

Our Schools
Jul 2016
Read more

Building friendship through games and food - Presbyterian Family Carnival
Jul 2016
It was a rainy Saturday morning on 28th May 2016 at Presbyterian High School. Though there were no classes on that day, the canteen was crowded with people. Why? Oh, they were there to join in the fun at our Presbyterian Family Carnival! Read more

Regional Missions Consultation 2016
Jul 2016
In conjunction with our PCS 135th Anniversary Celebration, we are organising a Regional Missions Consultation with our mission partners to reflect on the mission of God in our region. The consultation will include keynote presentations, platform for country reports and sharing, discussion and networking. Read more

Synod Sunday
Jul 2016
In the past, we had been allocating one Sunday of each year as the Synod Sunday. The purpose is to foster unity and to encourage communication among the Presbyterian churches. On that particular day, pastors from various churches were engaged in a "pulpit exchange"... Read more

Tracing the Footsteps in History
Jul 2016
To celebrate the 135th anniversary of the establishment of Presbyterian churches in Singapore, the Synod is planning a "Heritage Tour". It will include the English churches, Teochew churches, Hokkien churches, Hainan churches and women's ministry, etc. Read more

Family Carnival
We had a great turnout at the Presbyterian Family Carnival! Here are some photos of the event. View photos

Easter Convention
Mar 2016
We hope that you have enjoyed the Easter Convention 2016. For those who missed out, here are the sermons from all 3 days. Read more

Easter Appeal
Mar 2016
Easter is indeed a meaningful time. We can make it more meaningful by remembering the needy. Do take this opportunity to make a donation to our friends at Presbyterian Community Services. Read more

Nepal Disaster Relief
Mar 2016
Remember the Nepal Earthquake last year? Our friends at the Life Care Society participated in disaster relief operations. Read more

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