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The General Secretary's Heartbeat
Rev Tan Cheng Huat - General Secretary (Designate)
Dec 2014
Presbyterian Polity and Me? In our fast changing society, we need to constantly ask ourselves: "How can the Presbyterians be relevant and effective church in the 21st Century?" Read more

KCPPS Speech and Prize Giving Day
Dec 2014
William Butler Yeats, an Irish Poet, once said that 'Education is not filling a pail but the lighting of a fire'. This quote was certainly displayed by the students of Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School... Read more

The Presbyterian Run & Walk 2014
Dr Kevin Lowe, HUB Development Manager
Dec 2014
The Presbyterian Run and Walk 2014 was successfully held on the 8th of November 2014 at the East Coast Big Splash at 7.30am (10km Competitive Run) and 7.50am (3 km Family Run and Walk). Read more

Synod Exco Retreat 2014
Rev. Ronnie Ang
Dec 2014
The Synod Executive Committee met for a retreat at True Way Presbyterian Church on 11 October. It was attended by 18 people from the current and in-coming committee members as well as representatives from the Synod Office. Read more

Motion Picture License / Church Copyright License
Dec 2014
On 3 Nov, the Synod office arranged a talk by Church Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) and Motion Picture Licensing Company (MPLC). Read more

Pr Roger Chia
Dec 2014
Synod Youth Council is running LAUNCH SG again this December! The goal of LAUNCH SG is to nurture youth for lifelong ministry for God's glory in response to the love of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Read more

Discover our Rich Heritage and Enhance the Unity in Faith
Rev. Kim Tan (AICS Executive Secretary)
Dec 2014
The Synod of the Presbyterian Church in Singapore announced the establishment of the Asian Institute of Calvin Studies (AICS) at the 40th Annual General meeting on 18 March 2014. Read more

Providence Care Centre
Dec 2014
What is it like to realize a partnership project with Presbyterian Community Services? As usual, the process started with talking, praying and more talking... Read more

A Grand Golden Wedding Anniversary Celebration
Rev. Dr Lee Chong Kau
Dec 2014
The Chinese Presbytery Senior Ministry Committee celebrated their annual Thanksgiving on 11th October 2014 at the Holy Grace Presbyterian Church. The highlight of this year's gathering is a special Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration for couples among our Chinese congregations who have been married for over 50 years. Read more

Retired Pastors Ministry - A Beginning
Rev. Dr Lee Chong Kau
Dec 2014
The newly formed Retired Pastors Ministry Committee organized their inaugural gathering and dinner on 18th November 2014, Tuesday afternoon at 5:30pm, at Spring Court Restaurant. Together with our retired coworkers, the Synod and the Presbyteries' leaders gathered to dialogue and discuss the goals and plans of the Retired Pastors Ministry. Read more

Beyond the Hub - Becoming Youthful Presbyterian Churches
Rt Rev Leow Khee Fatt
Sep 2014
Presbyterian Churches have been in Singapore for over 170 years! The meaning of 'Presbyterian' in Chinese is that of being 'Elderly'. It could be the long history of Presbyterian Churches in Singapore or the meaning of it, that 'Presbyterian Churches' in Singapore may inadvertently portray a church environment for the old and elderly. Read more

The General Secretary's Heartbeat
Sep 2014
What would you say to your NEXT generation? The position for General Secretary in the Synod of the Presbyterian Church in Singapore was never in my plan. For many years, I have realized that my calling to be a missionary ended in "Standing in the GAP". When I returned in 1997 as the Regional Director for Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) in the Asia Pacific, Covenant Presbyterian Church sent me to Ang Mo Kio to stand in for Rev. Maggie Low who was away on sabbatical. Read more

Interview with Elder Laurence Wee
Sep 2014
Synod: When and how did you first get involved with Community services? Laurence Wee: The genesis of my involvement with Community services began more than 40 years in the early 70s. My church, Covenant Presbyterian Church, (then known as Jubilee English Service), formed a Social Action Committee to look into ways to help the needy in the community and put into action the then "Love Our Neighbour" Campaign. Read more

The Presbyterian Hub Update
Rev Dr Steven Gan (Chairman, Synod Development Steering Committee)
Sep 2014
The Presbyterian Hub is built: to unite Presbyterian churches for better synergy and greater harmony, to serve as a positive witness to Christ, to be a welcome blessing to our communities, and to leave a living legacy to our future generations. Read more

Interview with Rev David Lim
Sep 2014
Synod: How did you get involved with the Presbyterian Community Services? David Lim: My involvement with the Presbyterian Community Services (PCS) started with an invitation by Elder Laurence Wee to be part of the PCS Resource Panel in 2002. Subsequently, I was invited to be on the PCS Executive Committee in 2004. Read more

What would you say to your next generation about the Presbyterian Church in Singapore?
Sep 2014
Read more

Presbyterian Care Singapore - Network - Inaugural Conference
Sep 2014
26 July 2014 marked an important day in the history of the Presbyterian Church in Singapore. The initiative to establish the Presbyterian Care Singapore was officially launched through the Inaugural Conference, "Impacting the Community: We are in it Together". This historical event was hosted by All Saints Home (Tampines), and attended by about 80 delegates from 18 Presbyterian churches and 15 community services organizations. Read more

Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Schools 90th Anniversary
Mrs Debbie Chua (teacher), KCPSS
Sep 2014
The Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Schools recently celebrated its 90th anniversary on 10 July, 2014. The gala dinner was held at the prestigious Mandarin Orchard hotel, with close to nine hundred guests. The Guest of Honour was the First Lady, Mrs Mary Tan, a former student and teacher at the Kuo Chuan Presbyterian School. Read more

Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Schools 90th Anniversary
Mrs Elsie Rajaratnam, Principal, KCPSS
Sep 2014
The Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Schools celebrated Founders' Day this year very differently compared to previous years. Joined by the Chairman of their School management committee, instead of staying in school, they held a walkathon-cum-heritage trail. Read more

Synod Youth Council - Mentors Gathering
Preacher Willy Lau
Sep 2014
On 8th July 2014, Synod Youth Council invited Dr. Jeaney Yip to speak at our Youth Pastors-Mentors Gathering (YPMG) on the topic of "Marketing God". More than 60 youth leaders from 12 Presbyterian churches attended this talk. Read more

Hong Kong Church of Christ in China visits Grace Orchard School
Darryl Wang, Synod Education Executive
Sep 2014
On 18th of August 2014, 12 delegates from Hong Kong Church of Christ in China (HKCCC) visited Singapore in order to better understand the social services in our country. One of their stops was Grace Orchard School (GOS), a special needs school under the umbrella of Presbyterian Community Services (PCS) in partnership with True Grace and Providence Presbyterian Church. Read more

Know Your Presbyterian Heritage
Rev. Peter Chan
Sep 2014
The Asian Institute of Calvin Studies was set up as a Synod initiative at the 40th Session of the Synod Annual General Meeting in March 2014. It is set up with the twofold aims of training and research in the aspects of John Calvin's theology - e.g. history, theology, homiletics and pastoral. One of the training objective is to strengthen our Presbyterian heritage (identity, theology and practice). Read more

Passing on the Legacy from Our Predecessors
By Rt Rev Leow Khee Fatt
Jun 2014
The Presbyterian Church in Singapore (PCS) is a denomination with a long heritage. As far back as 1839, Rev. Benjamin Peach Keasberry was sent by the London Missionary Society to Singapore as a missionary. In 1843, Rev. Keasberry founded Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church, the first Presbyterian Church in Singapore. In 1853, Orchard Road Presbyterian Church was born followed by Glory Presbyterian Church in 1881. Read more

Appointment of the new General Secretary
Jun 2014
Rt Rev. Leow Khee Fatt announced at the 40th Session of Synod AGM (28 March 2014), the appointment of Rev. Tan Cheng Huat as the General Secretary of the Presbyterian Church in Singapore for a term of 4 years effective Jan 2015. Read more

40th Session Synod AGM (2014)
Rev. Ronnie Ang
Jun 2014
The 40th Session Synod AGM was held from 28-29 March 2014 at Bethel Presbyterian Church. Unlike past AGMs which took place over three evenings during the March school holidays, this year's AGM took place on a Friday evening and Saturday afternoon ending with a dinner fellowship for all participants. Read more

Chinese Presbytery 22nd Annual General Meeting
Rev. Hsieh Ta-Li
Jun 2014
The Chinese Presbytery (CP) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday, 18 January 2014, at the Spiritual Grace Presbyterian Church. The delegates from the various churches were all united in the focus on the development of the presbytery. Read more

English Presbytery 21st Annual General Meeting
Rev. Darryl Chan (EP Stated Clerk)
Jun 2014
The English Presbytery conducted its 21st Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 11 January 2014 at True Way Presbyterian Church. The EP Moderator, Rev. Yap Wai Keong, began the AGM with an exhortation from 2 John 1-13. He observed that a crisis in modern-day Christianity is the crisis of truth and love. Read more

Presbyterian Care SINGAPORE
Tristan Gwee
Jun 2014
On 29 April 2014, the Presbyterian Church in Singapore (PCS - Synod) and the Presbyterian Community Services, (PCS - Community) coorganised an informal roundtable discussion on the proposed formation of the network, Presbyterian Care Singapore (PCS-Network). Read more

Synod Training and Exposure Programme
Pr Joshua Woo Sze Zeng (Chairman of STEP)
Jun 2014
The inaugural Synod Training and Exposure Programme (STEP) was held from 19 May to 6 June 2014, with its opening ceremony at Singapore's first Presbyterian church, the 171-yearold Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church. The Synod Moderator Rt Rev. Philip Leow Khee Fatt graced the event with the opening message. Read more

Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School's 125th Anniversary - 2014
Foo Sook Fong (Principal) and Joylynn Lim (Teacher)
Jun 2014
The year 2014 marks the 125th anniversary of Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School since it was founded in 1889. The theme for this year's celebratory event, "Reflecting God's Faithfulness and Fruitfulness", summed up who God has been and is to the school and how, as a result of his faithfulness, we have been able to bear fruits in the lives of those whom the school has laboured and invested in for the past 125 years. Read more

2014 PEC Dedication Service cum Dinner
Darryl Wang (Synod Education Executive)
Jun 2014
The 9th annual Presbyterian Education Council (PEC) Dedication Service cum Dinner was held on 17 January 2014 at Presbyterian High School (PHS). Among the 500 guests was our Guest-of-Honour, NIE Director, Professor Lee Sing Kong. It was a time of celebration and thanksgiving of God's goodness and faithfulness and rededicating ourselves for another year of service to God. Read more

The Commitment of the Synod Missions Committee (SMC)
Jun 2014
What is the objective of the Synod Missions Committee? One of the goals of the Synod Missions Committee is our commitment to serve our member Churches. We care for their missions development and seek to provide network opportunities toward a sustainable missions program. Read more

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