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STEP 2021: Testimonies from the Youth
Gilia Seo
Jun 2021

The Synod Training and Exposure Programme (STEP) is a 3-week programme organised by the Synod Youth Council (SYC) to equip and train youths, and expose them to Presbyterian history, doctrines and theology. Through STEP, the youths gain greater awareness of ministry opportunities and are inspired to serve God in various ways in their church. STEP ran its 7th cycle from 10 May to 28 May 2021, with a record number of 35 youths joining the programme this year. Praise be to God!

This year, in view of the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) restrictions, STEP was held largely online. However, the spirits of the youths were not dampened as they eagerly took part in lectures, discussions and presentations online. Friendships were also forged beyond the borders of distance as the youths shared about their daily learnings and devotions in breakout rooms.

Here's what two youths have to say about STEP:

“Coming for STEP has been an extremely eye-opening and insightful experience for me, allowing me to better appreciate what being a Presbyterian means. We also explored a wide range of topics over the three weeks from Presbyterian theology to apologetics and even biblical counselling, some of which I personally was not really exposed to before. I thank God for the opportunity to come to STEP and make new like-minded friends from other Presbyterian churches. Seeing how youths my age are so serious about their faith really spurs me on to want to know God more and continuously seek a better relationship with Him! I pray that I can live out the knowledge that I have gained from STEP and that I will not lose my zeal for God, being a testimony to others.”
~ Thaddeus Chee, 21 years old, Providence Presbyterian Church (恩泽堂)

"Initially I didn't know what STEP was. God has called me to full-time ministry ever since I graduated from university, which I decided to work in the marketplace first before I finally took the plunge to serve God full-time recently. As I'm exploring the opportunity to serve in the Church and considering studying theology in a Bible college, my pastor encouraged me to be part of the STEP programme. After joining, I must say that I couldn't be more grateful for this opportunity, as it allowed me to understand my Church and its history better. Not only did it help me to understand my own Church, but I got to know & understand the history and also my friends from other Presbyterian Churches as well! Apart from that, I gained so much knowledge & understanding on theology. If one would ask me what my favourite session would be, I honestly can't pick one because I deemed everything as important! However, based on its importance, I must say I've learned so much through Missiology and Biblical counselling talks, which can be applied in the Church as well. Oh and not to mention the Pastors who are so patient in answering all the tough questions and super hilarious as well! Really admire and appreciate their time and commitment to guide us these 3 weeks despite all their busy schedules :”) All in all, it's been such a fruitful experience being in STEP, and I can't wait to see what God has in store for me to apply everything that I've learned here!"
~ Maria Carolina, 26 years old, Orchard Road Presbyterian Church (Indonesian Congregation)

Each of the 35 youths have been inspired and encouraged through STEP. To see more of how the youths have personally grown through STEP, you can check out the STEP Instagram page, @humansofstep.

Please continue to pray for these youths, that they may continue to serve God faithfully, being a witness to God's grace to their communities.

~ 1 Timothy 4:12
Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers as an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity. ~


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