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Ministry in Swansea with The Presbyterian Church of Wales
Rev Charles Chua
Mar 2021

In year 2000, Rev. Graham Ng from True Way Presbyterian Church was invited by The Presbyterian Church of Wales through Council for World Mission (CWM) to serve as a Mission Enabler to three Welsh English-speaking Chapels in Swansea. His key role over the two-year term was to enable and assist the three chapels' elderly membership to reach out to their missing younger generations.

On completion of his term in 2002, Rev. Graham Ng & family returned back to Singapore. Rev. Charles Chua from All Saints P. C. was then invited by the Welsh Church and Council for World Mission to carry on the work further. Together as a family of three, Rev. Charles, Molly & Annabel have served the Swansea Pastorate for the last 18 years.

Since 2003, the Lord led the Chuas to start an outreach to the many Chinese students studying at Swansea University. Many of these students came from various parts of China and would be staying in students' houses around the Argyle & Rhyddings Chapel.

The Students' outreach was named "English Corner" and for the first five years was attracting many Chinese students as they needed to improve their conversational English and a place for them to feel at home. Subsequently it evolved into an International Outreach as other students from many other countries started to find "English Corner" a safe and good place to spend their Friday evenings.

"English Corner" (EC) has led us to many contacts and a good number of seekers have come to faith in Christ, baptised in the Chapel and subsequently returned back to their home countries as our missionaries. Indeed, EC has enlivened & encouraged the declining elderly congregation that the Gospel is still relevant today and that people still need the Saviour.

Rev. Chua's arrangement with CWM came to an end in 2018. He and Molly continue on their Mission and Ministry in Swansea under a new Partnership arrangement/agreement between the two Churches (PC Wales & PC Singapore).

PC Wales welcomes Charles & Molly back to serve at Argyle & Rhyddings Chapel in Sept. 2018 as her Minister and to continue their special & unique work at "English Corner" with international students.

This year 2021, Charles & Molly will be completing their 1st 3-year term and be due for their 3 months Home Assignment. God willing they will return after their Home Leave for their last 3-year term and must retire after Sept. 2024.

In view of the future need of a successor to the ministry & mission at Argyle Rhyddings Chapel, PC Wales' General Secretary Rev. Meirion Morris has suggested that we start looking for another PC Singapore minister to take over the work before we complete our last term of service. It will be helpful if such a candidate be available to under-study and develop the work for 1-2 year before 2024.

Job Description/ & Requirements for the Post:

a. Local Church Pastoral Ministry & Student Ministry:

  • as a minister of Word & Sacrament to local British/Welsh members and "chaplain/mentor" to University students. Molly will assist ministry to women & ladies.
  • as a PC Wales' minister to serve & support the local Presbytery.
  • outreach to international students at English Corner; making contacts at Campus & linking up with University Chaplaincy at both Singleton & Bay Campuses.

b. Requirements as Minister/ Mission Enabler:

  • An ordained minister preferably below 50s with a driver's licence.
  • Must be a hospitable family and spouse must share in mission & passion for outreach to the unchurched & unbelievers.
  • The calling & conviction to serve in Swansea must be shared by the minister & his wife.


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