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Love Expressed in Obedience to His Truth During Pandemic Times. James 1:26-27
Elder Jimmy Lim
Nepal Focus Group Chairperson
Synod Mission Council

Oct 2020

As we face this unprecedented pandemic crisis, how can we as believers and followers of Christ be doers of His Word aside from being hearers, particularly during this challenging times? Let me share briefly from James 1:26-27.

James is the half-brother of Jesus. This book is written to the 12 tribes scattered among the nations, which means James is writing predominantly to the Jewish Christians. As such James is addressing the believers and not the non-believers. The context of his writing is saying that having faith alone is insufficient. James is saying that faith without good deeds is not real faith. We must be doers of the Word, not just hearers.

Verses 26 and 27 reveal that a good and mature Christian will give God’s word its rightful place which is to hear, receive and obey its teachings more so during this pandemic crisis. We can express His love in these 3 ways during this pandemic period:

  1. In the way we speak that is by our Words. As we have the implanted word of God in our hearts because we spend time studying His truth, our words that come out of our mouth prayerfully will be under the control of the Holy Spirit. We will not bridle our tongue as deceivers and become worthless. If things that come out of our mouth is dishonouring to God, it is difficult to consider the person as a good witness for Christ. It is said from the obedience of the heart the mouth speaks. Whatever is in our heart will usually come of our mouth. We can tell a Christian by their words. Words that are gracious, kind and glorifying to God. Thoughtful, considerate and holy unto the Lord. Our speech will change when it is under the control of the Holy Spirit.
  2. In the way we do our work. We are first transformed by Christ our Saviour to become good. When we become good through Christ, we are therefore to do good for His glory and purposes. We do not become good by doing good, as no one is good enough. We will visit the fatherless and widows in afflictions. Of course, we will not just take care of only orphans and widows, though God seems to take the side of these, and so should we. What it is basically saying is that we should have a caring heart, reaching out and be compassionate like Christ.
  3. In the way we walk. We must keep ourselves unspotted and unstained from the world. We must not listen to the lies of Satan looking after our own interests during these difficult times. To not conform to the things of the world that is happening around us – self-interest, looting, stealing, robbing, racism, hoarding, stock piling unnecessarily, not go back to our old self, but to anchor our faith in Christ the author and perfecter of our faith.

In conclusion, how are we to express love in obedience to His truth during this pandemic times? We are to listen to His Word, be slow to speak, be slow to anger, receive the Word of God with meekness and be doer of His Word in these 3 Ways – In our Word or Speech - words that are gracious, encouraging and edifying; in our Works to take care of the least, last and lost, and in our Walk to remain unspotted, unstained and not listen to the lies of Satan and conform to the things of this world.

An update of Synod's Missions in Nepal: Caring, Evangelising and Training

We are thankful that during these pandemic times, Synod Mission Council was able to provide 3 months of provision of groceries for 368 poor and needy families and also 70 orphans in Kathmandu in the month of May 2020. LCS the community arm of Singapore Life Church also provided 3 months of provision of groceries for another 200 families.

We thank God that we can be the hands and feet of Jesus during these difficult times. One pastor from Kathmandu, Pastor Timothy, reported that in following up with some of these afflicted families, 8 individuals came to know and accept the saving grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. All praise and glory to God for multiplying the work of our hands together with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Nepal. Our labour of love in Christ was not in vain.

From Pastor Timothy, “We, the Church, continued to pray during the pandemic. Our government had not allowed us to go outside our houses; no one had jobs and official work. Poor believers who used to work every day to make money and to feed their children began to be in need of food and money to pay house rent.

It is very difficult to continue to keep the faith and trust in the Lord in this period of pandemic. But I have come to know from the history of the Israelites in the wilderness, that they could not continue to keep their faith and trust in the Lord when they suffered, and so they fell, though God was faithful and provided them with food and meat during their difficult times in the wilderness. So we have come to know God is love, good all the time and always faithful to us.

We encouraged all the believers to keep hope and continue to pray during the pandemic. I believe God used Elder Jimmy Lim from Singapore to provide us during this crisis. With the support provided by The Presbyterian Church in Singapore through him, Pastor Saiman Subba and Pastor Sabdung Tamang distributed rice, dals, oils, soaps, sugars and salts to our believers. It worked a lot for the poor believers.”

Our next steps would be to provide more training and resources to the pastors in Nepal. The Synod is planning to set up an online leadership training session over the Zoom video conference platform.

Let’s continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Nepal as they continue to face financial hardship during this lockdown, and the increase in number of cases of the virus in Kathmandu, as well as for the planning and execution of the online training session for the Nepali pastors.


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