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A Visit by The Presbyterian Church in Singapore --- Visiting Family
Oct 2019
Report: Eld Mok Cheh Liang and Pr. Tan Yu Sim (Translated by Angelina Chew)

August 20, 2019 (Tuesday). The General Secretary of The Presbyterian Church in Singapore (PCS), Rev Teo Yew Tiong, together with 12 colleagues paid a visit to Gereja Presbyterian Malaysia (GPM) synod office co-workers. GPM, besides hosting them to a lunch also introduced our ministry Presbyterian Training College as well as our Presbyterian Heritage Museum.

PCS and GPM were originally one family. In 1965, Singapore became independent from Malaysia. Since then, three factors: politics, geography and church administration, became the cause for intense discussions at 3 Annual General Meetings (AGM), that is from the 127th (in 1971) to 129th (in 1973) AGM. Finally, at the 130th AGM (held at the Jubilee Presbyterian Church in Singapore on March 18, 1973), the resolution was passed that from January 1, 1975, there would officially be two synods. This AGM had a total of 58 members who attended, out of which 44 raised their hands in favour of the separation. Since the establishment of the original synod in 1881, the joint history of the ninety-three years thus came to an end in December 1974. On January 1, 1975, the original synod officially became GPM and PCS.

After the "family" separated, GPM and PCS maintained very close relationships. In the past 44 years, both synods have even undertaken church planting work as partners. We are indeed brethren journeying on the same road to heaven.

On August 20th, PCS co-workers took the opportunity to visit “family”, as they were having their staff retreat in Kuala Lumpur. Our gathering and interactions are a reminder that though we may be separate synods now, but we have come from the same roots entailing a precious friendship.

After the visit, PCS co-workers returned to Singapore and introduced our dormitory accommodation ( on their webpage, so that the people from PCS' member churches who visit Kuala Lumpur can have more accommodation options. In the days to come, there will likely be more opportunities for both synods to partner in ministry, in order to win people to Christ!

The co-workers from both synods taking a "reunion" photo together. General Secretary Rev Teo Yew Tiong(Right)presenting a gift to our Synod on behalf of PCS. AT our auditorium to understand more about our Training College and its programs.

Our synod hosting our PCS "family" to lunch. Elder Mok Cheh Liang (left) explaining the history behind some relics to Rev Teo Yew Tiong. Visiting our Training College's accommodation. Elder Mok with our PCS co-workers at our Presbyterian Heritage Museum.

PCS introducing our hostel facilities on PCS facebook page.


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