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Presbyterian Community Services National Day Appeal 2019

A Little More Care and Age-in-Place

Mdm Ngu, 69, has been taking care of her late mother for more than 30 years before her mother passed on in 2010. Being a caregiver all these years, now she is the one needing care.

Mdm Ngu suffers from multiple chronic conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. She also underwent surgery for her kidney few years ago. She also requires regular treatment at the hospital for her leukaemia which was diagnosed in February 2018.

"Thank you Dorcas for taking care of me!"

She has been staying alone since her brother passed away in October last year. Prior to her brother’s demise, he would accompany Mdm Ngu for her medical appointments while we provide transport with our Medical Escort and Transport Service. Now our staff would accompany her whenever she is required for follow-ups at hospitals and polyclinics.

Meals are also delivered to her as she has difficulty walking due to weak legs. The staff also takes the opportunity to check on her well-being and alert the office if she appears unwell.

With the assistance of Dorcas Home Care, seniors like Mdm Ngu is able to age-in-place with community support and enjoy a quality of life.

"Thank you Dorcas for taking care of me!"

Since 1992, Dorcas Home Care Service has been providing Meals-On-Wheels and Medical Escort and Transport Service to frail seniors, so that they can age-in-place with peace of mind. It is estimated that around 40,000 seniors live alone and that will double by 2030. For more information, please visit Inspiring Tomorrow's Community Today!

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