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Building friendship through games and food - Presbyterian Family Carnival
Jul 2016

It was a rainy Saturday morning on 28th May 2016 at Presbyterian High School. Though there were no classes on that day, the canteen was crowded with people. Why? Oh, they were there to join in the fun at our Presbyterian Family Carnival! Mr Ang Wei Neng, MP for Jurong GRC, was the Guest-of-Honour for the opening ceremony of the carnival. After giving his speech, Mr Ang participated in the carnival by mingling with the crowd, playing games and taking photographs with many people at the carnival.

The Synod hoped to achieve the following three objectives via the carnival:

  1. To serve as a prelude to our PCS 135th Anniversary Thanksgiving Celebration on 14th August at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.
  2. To strengthen the bond among member churches of PCS.
  3. To raise $135,000 for The Presbyterian Hub.
Thanks be to God, a total of 19 Presbyterian churches (12 from the Chinese Presbytery and 7 from the English Presbytery) responded to our invitation to set up stalls selling delicious food, special drinks, books with big discount, plants, art and craft, a photo-taking booth, game stalls, etc.

We also thank God for a beautiful rendition of old songs and Xinyao by the youths from Chen Li Presbyterian Church, a vibrant praise dance from the Bethany Presbyterian Church, and a wonderful ukulele performance from the True Way Presbyterian Church. Apart from this, an eight-year-old violin protégé from Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School as well as a group of preschoolers from the Sembawang Presbyterian Church also mesmerized us with their superb performances. Such a heartwarming collaboration among our fellow Presbyterian churches and schools was indeed commendable!

In short, this year’s family carnival was a success. The morning downpour was indeed a blessing as it cooled the day for everyone to have an enjoyable time at the carnival. Lunch time was especially crowded, filling the canteen with joyful noises! The sight of people enjoying the food and fellowshipping with one another was indeed a very encouraging one to behold - an objective the Synod had set and actually achieved.


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