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135th Anniversary Logo Design Competition

The results for the 135th Anniversary logo design competition are out! Here are the top 3 winners:

First place: Geraldine Low, True Grace Presbyterian Church

Explanation: The design of the logo is made for Synod 135th Anniversary with the theme in mind, "a blessing to our community". The word Blessing is incorporated with 135 in replace of LES. Sing also represents Singapore, our Community. Hence with a 3 human figure on top of Singapore like a rising stars as we continue to bless our community and molding the next generation.

First runner up: Lee Yee Ching, Abundant Grace Presbyterian Church

Explanation: This logo emphasises on the 135 years the Synod has contributed in serving and spreading the Word of God. The colourful and iconic HDB flats representing community is shown being encompassed with the 135 to depict that this year's focus and theme of the Synod is to be A Blessing to our Community.

Second runner up: Justin Tan Wei Yang, Glory Presbyterian Church

Explanation: This logo design was to create a visual identity that harness the spirit : "A Blessing to our Community". An icon of a cross represented with rays of light shining outwards was used to depict the warmth and grace Christ shines on the community. The cross also takes the form of a blooming flower portraying an uplifting atmosphere. A custom handwritten logotype along with warm celebratory colours were chosen to commemorate this occasion, establishing a friendly and energetic vibe which strengthen relationships within the Christian Community.


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