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Testimony from Synod Training and Exposure Programme (STEP) 2015 Interns
Oct 2015

"Coming from the youth ministry, I am especially excited to see if youths would like to undergo theological training, and wonder if our church is prepared to support such young people who have God's calling to be a full-time ministry worker. I highly recommend the STEP programme as a stepping stone for youth leaders, and pray that our church may support this programme and send more youths in years to come!"

Ruth Lee, Hope Presbyterian Church

"As participants of STEP, we were exposed to the various social ministries in Singapore such as Healthserve, Onesimus Garden, Tamar Village, and even our very own Presbyterian Community Services. Seeing how God worked in the lives of the shunned and disposed gives flesh to the great commission of Jesus Christ. We also had the opportunity to hear the lectures from Singapore Bible College and Trinity Theological College. These help to expose us to theology we may not always get to hear and think about in a church setting. I sincerely hope that our church would consider promoting the STEP among our young adults next year and even consider supporting it through financial means, or providing a venue where the programme can be carried out."

Png Eng Keat, True Way Presbyterian Church

"The STEP programme has inspired me to do something with whatever I have and the energy among the participants in encouraging me to be more conscientious of how I'm going to live my life and to take this journey more seriously."

Annabelle Teo, Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church

"I would strongly recommend all youths especially those serving in ministry to attend the STEP programme as it definitely exposed me more to God's work in this city and His people."

Nethania Low, Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church

"The programme has taught me a lot and has contributed much to my spiritual growth which I am really thankful for. With so much exposure and growth I've gained through this programme, I really hope that many more youth leaders in church will be able to experience what I did."

Tiffany Toh, Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church

"Lessons STEP prepares and experiences I had in both SBC and TTC really reignited my passion and my desire for God's Word. It suddenly becomes so clear to me what I want to do and what I really desire to do. I think these are the crucial questions that every youth or rather young adult should be thinking about, especially when we call ourselves serious and faithful Christians. STEP helped me and pushed me to re-ponder over those questions, and now, I am no longer frightened and feel lost, for God is my refuge, my shepherd, and He will always be there with me."

Lan Zheng Yu, Holy Grace Presbyterian Church

"I appreciated how STEP combined both theological and application aspects. We not only learnt the basics of our Presbyterian beliefs such as Calvin's ministry and teachings, science and Christianity, sacramental worship, to name a few, we also went out to the streets of Geylang to speak to migrant workers to see how God continues to impact their lives despite the many struggles they are facing. Through my experiences at STEP, I saw the importance and significance of the ministries of Jesus and our early church fathers. I began to see how we need to change our approach to missions, and encourage our youths to follow in the likeness of Jesus rather than to see ministry as only serving within the four walls of church. Such exposure will not only allow them to grow spiritually, but also empower them to take their faith out into the streets rather than keeping it inside as a private affair. STEP is a good platform to groom future youth leaders as it will provide an important and radical perspective that challenges their existing notions of ministry, and encourage them to step up to serve."

Courtney Lim, Providence Presbyterian Church

"Throughout this brief two weeks internship, it would be an understatement for me to say that I have learnt a lot. True to the "exposure" part of [STEP], we were exposed to a great variety of speakers from different backgrounds, Presbyterian care initiatives, new insights and the like. The journey has been pretty enriching, but I would like to emphasize specifically on this point— that STEP has allowed myself and the other interns to step beyond our individual churches to perceive the Presbyterian community as a large family."

Tan Ying Yu, Providence Presbyterian Church

"STEP has been an enlightening journey with young adults from Presbyterian churches around Singapore. Through this program, I have gained a deeper understanding for our faith. It has also ignited a burning curiosity within me that seeks to understand more about the church... As a member of the Young Adult Ministry Committee, the STEP program has equipped me with relevant skills in spiritual leadership. In the future, it would be an honour to serve with renewed vigour, with God's help and guidance."

Adriel Seah, Living Praise Presbyterian Church

"This programme as a whole has been very educational, inspiring, encouraging and enriching. It has me better equipped as I continue my service to God in the church or even in the Young Adult Ministry. It is an experience I would encourage the young adults to experience it for themselves."

Immanuel Oh, Living Praise Presbyterian Church

"[STEP] was indeed a God-filling 2 weeks throughout the programme. I find myself to have much more desire to know about His words and gaining other knowledge that would help me grow spiritually as well as the ability to communicate better to others about the background history of Presbyterianism and the Reformed tradition of Christianity. I always thank God for sending me to the programme and [pray that I may] continue to maintain this desire to learn about His word and be able to be a better steward of Christ."

Matthew Ong, Living Praise Presbyterian Church

"The programme was theologically based, which broadened my horizons and exposed me to various facets of Christianity such as theology and apologetics. Overall, I feel that STEP has allowed me to mature as a Christian and has equipped me on how to better lead my youths. I highly recommend this programme for future promising youth leaders."

Crystal Chia, All Saints Presbyterian Church




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