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Synod Missions Update
Mar 2015

Update on Cambodia

For the past 2 years, the Cambodia Focus Group (CFG), launched on 11 July 2013 under the initiative of the Synod Missions Committee, have prayed and worked towards the establishment of a Synod in Cambodia. On 28 November 2014, we officially received notice that the application for the setting up of The Synod Presbyterian Church in Cambodia (SPCC) has been approved! We are indeed thankful to God for His grace and sovereignty throughout the process.

This is just the first step, though a needful one to pave the way for our recognition by the Ministry of Religion (Cambodian Government). We have begun to make headway in bringing unity and installing a sense of purpose and direction for the Cambodian Churches.

On January 2015, Rt Rev Leow Khee Fatt and Rev Phua Chee Seng met with the Cambodian Pastors in the Phnom Penh Promised People Presbyterian Church (a.k.a. 5Ps Church) to discuss the plans for SPCC. The Cambodian Pastors were excited with the progress and expressed their utmost appreciation to PCS for our relentless faith and perseverance to help the churches in Cambodia.

"We have been as Presbyterian Church for many years, but we didn't have a big group yet. We are very glad to form as a member of Cambodia Presbyterian Synod. We hope that we will be stronger to be part of and help each other." Pastor Saruon Ruos, Senior Pastor of Kampong Speu Presbyterian Church.

The following are targets to be achieved for SPCC for 2015 – 2019:

  1. Set up the SPCC Synod Office in Phnom Penh.
  2. Finalize the constitution for SPCC churches for purpose of unity and laying strong foundations for Presbyterian churches in Cambodia.
  3. Coordinate pastors' mentoring and leaders' training to minister to their needs and enhance their ministry skills.
  4. Plant more Presbyterian churches in Cambodia.
The task before us is enormous. The setting up of a new synod represents a significant milestone in the history of the Presbyterian Church. As we have been blessed by missionaries in the past, we now have the privilege and opportunity to bless the kingdom of Cambodia. It is our prayer that as the local churches grow from strength to strength, they too will one day send out missionaries to bless other nations.

On behalf of the Synod Missions Committee, we invite all churches who are currently active in Cambodia outreach projects, or are interested to start one, to please come and speak with us! No matter the level of involvement, together, we can make a greater impact in Cambodia for the glory of God.

Other active missions projects in brief

Besides our focus on Cambodia, the Synod Missions is committed to continue working closely with our partners across Asia and beyond. Here are some of our active missions project:

  1. Malaysia – Partner with GPM in churchplanting works in East and West Malaysia.
  2. Sarawak – Partner with GPM and BEM Sarawak to support kindergartens in Sarawak and organize missions trips to bless the children and kindergarten teachers.
  3. India – Partner with PCI and JRTS to support lecturers and explore new projects.
  4. Indonesia – Partner with GKI in supporting school costs and other expenses.
  5. Myanmar – Partner with PCM to support the Sittwe boarding house.
  6. Wales – Partner with PCW and Rev Charles Chua & his wife Molly to raise more missionaries in Singapore. g. Partner with our member churches to support migrant community outreach projects in Singapore.
For more information, please contact our Synod Missions Executive, Keet Keong, at email, 6338-7268 (office) or 9618-7220 (mobile).

Clockwise from top: Rev Phua Chee Seng, Rt Rev Leow Khee Fatt, Pastor Socheat, Pastor Saruon, Pastor Kai and Pastor Vannara.


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