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Providence Care Centre
Dec 2014

What is it like to realize a partnership project with Presbyterian Community Services? As usual, the process started with talking, praying and more talking...

Tracing the genesis of Providence Care Centre, it began more than a year ago, with an informal meeting initiated by the Providence Presbyterian Church. Rev. Teo Yew Tiong, Elder Lau Cho Cham and Elder Edwin Ong met up with Elder Laurence Wee.

It was an exploratory meeting to see if there could be an opportunity to move an existing tuition ministry of the Providence Care Limited to a void deck in the heartland. There was no concrete outcome from the meeting. There was a period of silence. But unknown to everyone, the good LORD had started working beyond our comprehension. He divinely provided the opportunity.

Not long after, Presbyterian Community Services was approached by Grassroots Advisor and Member of Parliament, Mr Ang Wei Neng of Jurong Central GRC to look into the possibility of reaching out to the children residing in the vicinity of Jurong East Street 32. Residents here, voiced their concern over the many latchkey children who would hang out noisily in the neighbourhood after school hours.

The opportunity was immediately communicated to the leaders of Providence Presbyterian Church and the first meeting with Mr Ang was arranged on 14 May 2013.

Even before the approval from the relevant authorities for a void deck was given, a 10-week literacy programme for young children was launched in response to the needs in the neighbourhood on 10 October 2013 at the borrowed premises of Loving Hearts.

Eventually, with the strong support from the Mr Ang, we managed to get the needed approval to convert a void deck into a centre for children and youth services at Block 372, Jurong East Street 32. The construction phase was plagued with hiccups and delays. Residents complained, construction was temporary halted and authorization to use the premises was delayed were some examples.

Yet in faith, Providence Care Centre was officially opened by Mr Ang on 27 September 2014. With much support from the church, the People’s Association and grassroots, a mini-carnival was also organized in conjunction, for the residents in the neighbourhood.

Finally, the Temporary Occupation Permit was granted just on time for the scheduled operation of the Centre on 15 November 2014. It was a timely grant, enabling the scheduled robotic programme to be launched on the same day with 8 students enriched by the learning experience.

The LORD has been good and His timing is perfect!

What does Providence Care Centre has to offer to the community in Jurong? Essentially, the centre seeks to provide services for both children and youth-at-risk.

The centre hopes to provide appropriate support for pre-schoolers to have a head-start in primary school, and also help youths to cope better, build selfesteem and succeed in daily learning and living. The centre would run integrated playgroup programmes, literacy programmes, structured tuition, and youth programmes that focus on character building, talent and leadership development.

To inspire and enrich the lives of the young in the community.

To provide opportunities to learn and to bond with fellow residents through our diverse activities and enrichment programmes.

Main Programmes
For pre-schoolers:

  • Integrated Playgroup Programme (18 months to 3 years old)
  • Literacy Programme (4 to 6 years old)
For students:
  • Tuition Programme (7 to 12 years old)
  • Robotic Programme
  • Music Development Programme
  • Sports Programme

Families in the community

Table soccer

Fun with robots

The establishment of Providence Care Centre reflects the Presbyterian Community Services’ desire to collaborate with the Presbyterian churches so as to better serve the needy in the community.


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