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What would you say to your next generation about the Presbyterian Church in Singapore?
Sep 2014

Rev. Peter Poon (ORPC):
The Synod represents the united front in reaching the lost world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Joseph Teng (ORPC):
Continue to allow Christ to transform you and His Church, study and obey His Word and witness the gospel fervently at home and abroad.

从1957年至今这57年,一路走来主恩堂与大会之间的关系,我愿以八个字来表达:主爱浩大 恩中体会

Rev. Yap Wai Keong (GPC):
If you want to worship God with multitudes of believers in God's Kingdom, you have to look at the bigger extended family beyond the four walls of your own local church. You may then begin to sense the richness of God's family that consists of neither Jews nor Greeks, male nor female. But the immediate extended family of a local Presbyterian Church is the Synod, that's where the next generation will need to cultivate their big family spirit.

Rev. Goh Yong Kuang (GPC):
It gives you a sense of identity as a Presbyterian in the larger Christian Community!


Rev. Keith Lai (CPC):
Presbyterian Church in Singapore is a movement of God’s people seeking to impact Singapore for Christ, showing forth the glory of His Grace.

Rev. Abel Lee (CPC):
Let’s stick together and move forward for the glory of God’s Kingdom!

Pr Henry Wong (CPC):
Simple disciples of Jesus Christ who experience and bring God’s love and presence to the world through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.


Pr William Heng (Bethel PC):
Presbyterian Church in Singapore is unique and yet united as one body even though as a church we are function anatomy.

Rev. Lee Kien Seng (TWPC):
Synod provides the umbrella under which the Presbyterian Churches can collaborate to further expand Gospel work.

Rev. Dr Chang Chian Hui (BBPC):
Presbyterian Church in Singapore is about History, Heritage, Unity, Faith and holding fast to the enduring Word of God.

Rev. Carol Ling (Bethel PC):
The young people are to engage people with the love of God and His unique gifts for each of them.


Pr Leonard Chong (ASPC):
Intentionally make disciples and not just run programs.

Rev. Dr. Graham Ng (ORPC):
Presbyterian Church in Singapore is a big name for a family of mutually supportive churches who belive that God is sovereign and powerful, who desire to be continuously reformed according to God's Word and who seek to proclaim the Gospel relevantly and effectively everywhere.

Rev. Lam Kuo Yung (KPC):
The Presbyterian denomination in Singapore serves the universal church by commending to it an uncompromising spirit of anchoring all of man’s knowledge and desire on God’s Word.

Rev. Dr Maggie Low (Lecturer, TTC):
If we can get our Synod to work together on what God has convicted us about, we can make a difference.



Rev. Dr Leonard Wee (Lecturer, TTC):
Know your generation, be bold and courageous and hold fast to the Word of God.

Rev. Charles Chua (Mission Enabler, Wales):
A Church that leads our churches together for missions engagement with our contemporary Singapore.


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