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Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Schools 90th Anniversary
By Mrs Debbie Chua (teacher), KCPSS
Sep 2014

The Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Schools recently celebrated its 90th anniversary on 10 July, 2014. The gala dinner was held at the prestigious Mandarin Orchard hotel, with close to nine hundred guests. The Guest of Honour was the First Lady, Mrs Mary Tan, a former student and teacher at the Kuo Chuan Presbyterian School. Keeping in line with the theme of 'Keeping the Flame Alive, Connecting Hearts for Life', many of the guests invited were alumni.

Elder Dr Ho Yew Kee, Chairman of the School Management Board, started off with an opening prayer. As the 9-course dinner progressed, the guests were treated to a song entitled: ‘Keeping the Flame Alive’ sung by the combined choir from both schools, specially written for this occasion by School Management Committee (SMC) member Ms Lisa Theng.

Another key point of the evening was the launch of the 90th Anniversary Commemorative Book, featuring 90 stories from 90 individuals, be they student, teacher or alumni. It is heartening to see that the schools have touched their lives in some way, a testament of God's faithfulness and grace.

"Whether we were reciting poems under the majestic Flame of the Forest tree, acting in school concerts, helping in Fun Fairs or going on weekly visits to the Red Cross Home at Tanah Merah with Miss Sirkett, our minds were enriched, our souls were nourished! We learned and friendships blossomed. We received and we gave." – Mrs Mary Tan


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