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The Commitment of the Synod Missions Committee (SMC)
Jun 2014

What is the objective of the Synod Missions Committee? One of the goals of the Synod Missions Committee is our commitment to serve our member Churches. We care for their missions development and seek to provide network opportunities toward a sustainable missions program.

We serve our member churches through the following four commitments:

  • The SMC commits itself to providing collaboration and network for our member churches through building overseas missions network. Networking opens new opportunities for Presbyterian churches to unite our efforts and bring continuity in our missions endeavors. The launch of the Cambodia Focus Group is one example aimed at bringing together churches with current outreaches in Cambodia and those who have expressed interest.
  • The SMC commits itself to organising combined missions consultation to reflect on the mission of God and addressing contemporary issues faced by missions today. This is critical in the light of current missions landscape where there is no lack of methods and strategies. We need to reflect on our theological stand and leverage on our rich experiences to further global and local outreaches today.
  • The SMC commits itself to maintaining warm ties and facilitating missions partnership with our cohorts in other countries like Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Vietnam, Wales, etc., just to name a few. Our partnerships include personnel exchanges, missions exposure, training for pastors and Christian workers in ministry, etc. Effective crosscultural mission requires partnership, accountability, and long term vision so that full Christian living may be strong and sustaining for generations to come.
  • Finally, the SMC commits itself to facilitating grants towards the churches' outreach program, and actively encourage local missions work with migrant workers and immigrants.

We humbly call for all Presbyterian churches in our beloved nation to unite our hearts and efforts for missions work. As we are united by our common heritage beliefs and faith, let our prayers and labours bring everlasting impact to the world that our Sovereign God has called us to be faithful stewards for His glory.


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