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Chinese Presbytery Seminar: Innovative Transformation for Today's Asia, 14 Sep 2019
Aug 2019

Speaker: President Tim Cheng of The Christian Tribune, Taiwan


From the market to church.

The local wet market teems with excitement every day. The stall owners will prepare early each morning, knowing full well what to prepare to meet the demand of the locals. The church, often built next to a crowded market, is the centre of people's faith and spiritual life. Yet does she understand the needs of those people around her? Do pastors talk about getting to know the marketplace? Do they know how best to position the Church in today's marketplace?

Lower the church walls and let the church talents win over people in the 6 areas of business, education, family, media, art, and politics.

In the past, the gospel entered the cities of Asia through missionaries, who brought the truths of the Bible to wherever they were sent. Often, they brought with them knowledge in the fields of medicine, art, music, media, education etc., thus producing outstanding leaders in these fields as well as influencing the country for good. How can the Church become a place where people build faith, become comforted and are taught? How can the Church build up the believers’ faith such that when they return to their work during the weekdays, whether in the marketplace or homes, they are living out testimony-filled lives that contribute significantly to society from a position of influence and importance? The Church walls are beautifully strong, while the walls in our minds are even taller. This leads to the Church and society often being separated from each other. How do we influence society as the Church of Christ? The world's technology has changed the environment. We must tear down the walls within our hearts and embrace the new generation.

How can the Church use media today, that is, how do we reinvent the traditional media to influence new media?

In the face of this new, fast and ever-changing digitalised media era, operators of traditional media will often feel weary, longing to turn back the clock. In any era, the media plays a very important role as bridge and medium. God wants us to use the media to help the Church in developing and communicating better. However, this explosion of new digitalised media has left many working in the media feeling unprepared and tired. So how did The Tribune, established in 1965 as the newspaper of the churches in Taiwan, go on to become a media platform for the Chinese churches worldwide? In other words, how did the Christian Tribune adapt from being a print newspaper to the new media era? God plans to use those of us in media to join hands, learning, watching and communicating with one another. Through media, the churches in Asia can be linked together, and thus we can help the revival of the Chinese churches worldwide.

《创新、转化、迎接亚洲新世代》 organised by The Chinese Presbytery
Date: 14 Sep 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 2.30AM - 4PM (Tea-break provided)
Location: Jubilee Presbyterian Church, 4th Floor
Speaker: President Tim Cheng of The Christian Tribune, Taiwan

Free Entry. We welcome elders, deacons, ministry leaders and brethren in the Media industry.

Please register at

Our invitation to the CEO of Tribune Foundation and President of The Christian Tribune, Mr. Tim Cheng to share on the topic of “Innovative Transformation for Today’s Asia” is because he has long been working in creative media and advertising and grew up in a pastor’s family. This enables him to have a deep understanding of the development trends of the Chinese churches. As the head of a new media platform in Asia, how does he view the future church trends in Asia? How can innovation help the churches to win over this generation to Christ?

The future cities in Asia are connected like a pearl necklace and prosper together, thus placing the Singaporean churches in an important position. Our churches should actively participate in society, entering emerging markets and sending the talents of the Kingdom of God from the churches into the areas of business, education, politics, media, art and the family.

Let's welcome a new era in Singapore and start a new missionary movement together. Let's join hands and pray to God to deliver us from the challenges faced by this new generation.


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